Q: Can I use my sub on more than one device?
A: There is no issue with using your activation on more than one device. Typically, there can only be one device active at a time on a single subscription since the server provides enough bandwidth for only one connection at a time. Some servers offer to extend the bandwidth to two or more devices on one sub. Please contact us for information.

Q: Is there PPV content? It doesn't appear in the channel listings.
A: For most IPTV subs the PPV events are on channels that only appear when the event starts.

Q: How do I setup my service?
A: Check the Setup Information page for instructions on how to start using your service.

Q: Can I get an M3U Playlist wih a MAC activation?
A: No, M3U and MAC activation are separate subscription and must be purchased separately. However, there are third-parties that are able to convert between the two formats, but the cost is relatively high.

Q: Once I make an order and payment, how will I be notified?
A: We will send an email to the contact information provided by Paypal. This gets the right info to the right customer. Once the payment has been verified, activation will start. You will be getting an email with your IPTV credentials and setup instructions.

Q: What's the adult content passcode for my IPTV subscription?
A: The parental lock password is set by the application you're using. For most STB Emulators and mag boxes, the standard password is "0000" or "1234".
You can set a new passcode for IPTV adult content in device or application settings. If you're experiencing issues logging in, try to reinstall your STB Emu or reset your magbox to factory default.

Q: Why are some of my channels not working properly?
A: If you're having an issue with some channels not working properly you can send us a list of channels and we can submit a support ticket to the server administration to have them checked.
Here is a response from admin, please consider the following.
There is an issue if your customer are using the older mag256 or some avov boxes. Some streams are encoded at h265 and the older boxes can't display that. So you might have just audio or skipping on some of the channels. The french channels we offer are from an outside source so we don't have a lot of control with how's it's produced and streamed out. Same goes with our VODs the older boxes won't be able to access the same content as well. We are working on alternatives because we understand we have customers that haven't upgraded boxes.

Q: My Smart STB app says "STB is blocked, please contact provider"
A: This is an issue with with the SmartTV's Smart STB app since Feb 20, 2018. The MAC address that is registerd for your device is being flagged for being used on multiple devices although you are only using Smart STB. The application on your Smart TV inadvertnently makes the server think that more than one connection is occuring at one time. This is an issue that needs to be resolved with the app itself, but there are possible workarounds.
One workaround is to get the STB Emu Pro app for an android device (phone or android box) and edit the MAC address within that profile to match the one that was activated for the service starting with 00:1a:79:... Check the STB Emu setup instructions. We will need to reset your MAC address for use with a new device.
If you only have the Smart STB to use, then you'll need to troubleshoot in order to get it working.
The following info was provided by the Smart STB support team

We checked your app and found out the problem.
This problem is caused usually when you use a Portal with Smart STB and other apps like STBEMU with the same Virtual MAC.
Or when your Virtual MAC is not added with correct settings and anti-abuse checks from the Provider kick in.
Other cases is that Provider tests with your Virtual MAC from STB EMU app and this causes the BLOCK.
However other reasons may be that your TV MAC changed. This also changes Virtual MAC but keep Serial number and can cause Provider's protection to ban your TV.
First, unplug your TV for 15 minutes. Then start the APP again. You will get a new Software MAC that will NOT change. This may also give you a new Virtual MAC.
You need to ask Your Provider to REMOVE the OLD Virtual MAC completely.
So, 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX must be DELETED from the Portal, completely! Not disabled, but REMOVED.
Some reseller panels are not able to delete your Virtual MAC completely leaving traces of it and causing the same problem again.
Then, do NOT use the STBEMU as it has different SERIAL number and this causes the BLOCK (Authentication Problem)

Also do NOT go into app's Advanced settings to change the MAC. Ii WILL cause the same BLOCK.
When the NEW Virtual MAC is added again in the Portal, start the app ONLY ON SMART STB, NOT on STBEMU. Starting STBEMU will cause the issue to reappear.
And do NOT change your Virtual MAC from application's settings - leave them to their Defaults!
This will solve the MAC CLONE and ABUSE protection that some Providers have in place and will keep the app from causing problems with your Portal and your TV.
Kind regards,
Smart-STB support team.